the story behind pank



All of this comes from the fresh ideas and inspired by form a tree. "Pank" comes from the Indonesian Javanese language means twigs. Mahogany combine with indian rosewood, and Alluminium accessories to add flavor Exclusive. Not only the aesthetics product display and taste, these products also is a form of implementation design concept that "Fresh, Green, Exclusive

Rural community, is a society with high levels of education, welfare, initiation and creative power is relatively low. Culture of accepting and fatalistic attitude that always makes people subordinated by this system becomes difficult to be powerless. As a process, empowerment is a series of activities to strengthen the power or empowerment of weaker groups in society, including the poor. For the purpose of empowerment refers to the condition or results to be achieved by a social change, that people become empowered, have the knowledge and ability to meet the necessities of life, have confidence, able to convey the aspirations, have livelihoods, participate in social activities and independence in carrying out of life. Through product Pank Candlelabra I want to encourage and educate the public about low-income and who have no expertise in making crafts, to participate in producing a quality product and increase their living standards. Empowering communities to be an entry point to the achievement of sustainable living, fair and sustainable.

The main factor is the difficulty to obtain precise results for each product made. It takes special skills of each person to make it. Made using a homemade machine and needed a touch of art in each of the manufacturing

This project started in November 2010, and has managed to win in several design competitions in Indonesia. - Balemangu Design Award 2010 category The most favourite Gifts Award -1st winner Annual Livingetc Magazine Design Award 2011 Indoesia edition Category Product Designer of the Year 2011.

Material : Mahogany wood,Sungkai wood (light color ) East indian rosewood (dark color) and Alluminium polished for candle holder . Finishing using PU system

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